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Gift a Book - £10 Donation


'Gift a Book'  is back again this Christmas!

Opening a new book is one of the greatest excitements and pleasures for any child – but sadly not every child has the chance to enjoy the wonderful books we often take for granted. That’s why last year we launched our own ‘Gift a Book’ scheme - teaming up with a couple of local charities so that even children in the most difficult circumstances woke up find a book in their Christmas stocking! Thanks to the generosity of our customers the scheme was a great success and we'd like to run it again this year.
This year we are supporting Salford Women's Aid and Wood Street Mission. We've chosen them because we feel a connection with them and the work that they do. So come along yourself or bring in your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and let them choose the book they would like to give to someone.


If you need an alternative number of tickets please give us a call at the Bookshop 0161 439 1436!