Apollo Remastered
14th Nov 2022
7:00 pm


Book jacket for Apollo by Andy Saunders
Andy Saunders, British author, science writer, and one of the world's foremost experts of NASA digital restoration.

The definitive book about the Apollo missions: extraordinary, newly restored images from the NASA archives

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Andy Saunders is a British author, science writer, and one of the world’s foremost experts of NASA digital restoration. His photographic work has been exhibited internationally at some of the most renowned venues, and regularly makes headlines in the world press – including BBC News, CBS News, The Daily Telegraph and The New York Times.

The story behind Apollo Remastered is as extraordinary as aspects of the moon missions themselves. Andy will share the story of the images in the book, and his own unlikely story: how a space enthusiast from Cheshire got permission from NASA to access the deep-frozen vaults of original negatives and film footage, and how he used state-of-the-art image processing to reveal unknown details and forgotten aspects of the missions. Andy Saunders will be interviewed by former BA President Andy Rossiter.

This is a must for anyone interested in space exploration, photography, the power of the recorded image and how we choose to preserve history.


Monday 14th November 7pm
£60 Book & Virtual Event


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