Talking about her new book

Kate Mosse
18th Oct 2022
7:30 pm

Simply Books, 228 Moss Lane, Bramhall, SK7 1BD

Portrait of bestselling author Kate Mosse
Book Jacket for Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionaries by Kate Mosse

Tickets Available (£10.00 each)

Don’t miss this chance to spend a brilliant evening with one of the country’s most acclaimed and beloved authors!

Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionares: How Women (Also) Built The World

We are delighted to welcome bestselling author Kate Mosse talking about her new book Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionares: How Women (Also) Built The World.

Kate will share fascinating stories of female inventors and scientists, warrior queens and pirate commanders, authors and campaigners – a wonderful treasure chest of women’s lives, full of wit, verve and emotion! We’ll also hear her own personal detective story when she went on a ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ quest to learn more about her own family history – uncovering the life of her great-grandmother Lily Watson, a famous novelist in her day.

Kate is an award-winning author, best known for her multimillion-selling Lauguedoc Trilogy and The Burning Chambers Series. Kate’s beautifully illustrated book is a labour of love celebrating incredible women from the past who have shaped the world.


Tuesday 18th October 7.30PM
Book & Ticket £20 (includes a copy of Warrior Queens & Quiet Revolutionares: How Women (Also) Built The World)
Admission only £10
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Kate Mosse on Warrior Queens and Quiet Revolutionaries:
“This is the book I’ve been waiting to write for so many years, having spent so much time in libraries and archives on the hunt for women’s stories. The catalyst to discovering, at the age of sixty, that I was walking in my great-grandmother’s footsteps as a novelist. All my fiction has unheard and underheard women’s stories at the heart of things and from my research – and, of course, my work with the Women’s Prize – I’ve been aware of how easily women’s stories can disappear from the record. So, this book is a labour of love to celebrate incredible women from the past, as well as a detective story to learn more about my own family reaching back into the 19th century.”

Praise from Professor Kate Williams:
“One brilliant woman writing about so many other brilliant women, this is a wonderful treasure chest of women’s lives, full of wit, verve and emotion. Inside these superb pages is a epic, fascinating world of warriors, writers, scientists, queens and more, women who have shaped the world and many who have been overlooked and forgotten. So many lives in so many times and places, woven with Kate’s own research into her grandmother, a woman I wish I could have met.”

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18th Oct 2022

at 7:30 pm

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